Our fully equipped recording studio provides the ideal evironment to record any project, from live demos to full length albums.  Our inhouse team of professional engineers and producers write, compose and play a variety of insuments and can work with you on all levels at no extra cost, if desired, to ensure the best end result.

 Our large live room, with a high ceiling offers fantastic acoustics and the space to fit up to 20 musicians, while our dead room has moveable acoustic walls to ensure the desired environment is acheived. In addition to this our control room has been designed from the ground up to provide superb acoustics, which are critical in monitoring the recording at every stage.

 Althought the studio is mainly focussed on digital recording we also run a 24-track tape machine for anyone who wants to capture a true analogue warmth.

 Music Production

When you record at The Brook you will be working with an experienced producer who will be on hand to assist with anything from song arrangements to instrumentation and style.  These services are optional and offered at no extra cost.

 Mixing & Mastering

We offer both mixing and mastering services for all types of project, whether recorded at The Brook or not.  Our inhouse team have over 20 years experience in all genres (see our showreel), that can be be applied to your project, giving it that all important final touch.  Mixing and mastering is also offered unattended, so you don't need to be in the studio as it happens - just send us your tracks and we'll do the rest.

 Writing & Composition

In addition to our inhouse team we are connected to a network of writers, composers and lyricists who can be called upon to help turn your idea into a reality.  Maybe you have the lyrics and vocal harmony but need someone to write the music... or your instumental piece is ready but you're struggling with the lyrics... or your a band who want a string quartet composition to finish off your track.  However much you need input with we have people on hand to help.


Maybe you need to abridge your track for potential radio play, maybe you want to experiment with different genres to engage with a wider audience, maybe you just want to hear what your song would sound like as a club banger? At the Brook Studio we also offer a remix service where you can opt for a complete EDM rework of your track or a simple sprinkling of electronica to spice it up - pick your style of dance music, tell us how far you want to go and we'll do the rest.

 Music Industry Advice

So you've made your record... now what?  Collectively our inhouse team (who are all recording artists/musicians in some form) have a wealth of recording, touring and promotional experience.  If desired we can offer advice on your next steps including your release plan, marketing, promotion & PR, music videos, touring and royalties.  This advice is offered at no extra charge... just ask away!

 Live Sound Engineering

Our sound engineers and equipment can be hired for live events.  Please get in touch for further details.

 PA Hire

We have 2 PA systems available that can be hired individually or together.  Please contact us for more information:

 (800 watt system with 15" speakers)

(400 watt system with 12" speakers)

For more specific information or to make a booking please call 0203 620 5237.